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Goodnight Justice League: A superhero bedtime poem

As a father who waves the geek flag proudly, I am always looking to inject anything comic book, sci-fi, or fantasy related into my daughter’s routine. And after having a really hard time finding a proper goodnight book that didn’t annoy me (aside from goodnight moon, which is excellent), I decided to just write one myself. If I could actually draw, I’d even illustrate it.

I call it: “Goodnight Justice League”. She seems to like it. I’m sharing it here, just in case other geek parents find it applicable.

Goodnight Justice League.

In a shining moonbase called the Watchtower,

Sits a green Martian with shapechanging power.

He watches the monitor, vigilant and wise,

But soon falls asleep and closes his eyes.

And soon he is relieved, monitor duty done,

For Green Arrow is here, to have all the fun.

In a world of Luthors and Jokers and Sinestros and Cheetahs,

We can all sleep soundly, for the Justice League watch over us.

Goodnight J’onn, Manhunter from Mars,

Goodnight Batman, and all your bat-cars.

Goodnight Superman and your wife Lois Lane,

Goodnight Wonder Woman, and your invisible plane.

Goodnight Batgirl, in your billowing black cape,

Goodnight Flash, saving the city from a big bad Ape.

Goodnight Aquaman, noble King of the Sea,

Goodnight Green Lantern, with your power battery.

Goodnight Oracle, smart, sassy and geeky,

Goodnight Supergirl and your pet cat Streaky.

Goodnight Robin, Red Robin, and Nightwing as well,

Goodnight Zatanna, casting a backwards spell.

Goodnight Earth,

See you in the new day.

For when Evil attacks,

They fall to the JLA.