Coming soon: Wednesday Comics Thursday! (or Friday!)

For a while, I was reading tons and tons of new comics every Wednesday. Working in a comic shop allows you to do that. Every new comic morning, at around 8:30 am, I’d gleefully rip open the Diamond (distributor) box and carefully lay out the new comics in their assigned places on the shelves. 

I’d take in all the titles as they came out, mentally cataloguing which ones went into my pull list; which ones I desperately wanted to read first.

Then, shit over, I’d take them home and lose myself in four (or more) color worlds for a couple of hours. Sometimes I’d even blog about them.

When the comic shop folded several years ago, and my film work picked up, I fell out of the habit, unable to justify the time it took out of my schedule. I always regretted that, a bit, since comics have been such a huge part of my life. 

And then, I got an iPad, a Comixology account, and all that changed. 

I’d been reading new comics every Wednesday again for a little while now, but what I still miss about the old comic store is being able to talk to anybody and everybody about what’s happening in the stories and in the industry. 

Well, that’s what blogs (and Facebook and Twitter) are for, right? So, starting this week, I’m going to do little reviews every Thursday (or Friday) of the books on my pull list. 

I’m a bit behind due to work, but this week I got: Star Wars #1, Action Comics #16, Superior Spider-Man #1, Earth 2 #8, Animal Man #16, and Swamp Thing #16. Expect reviews as soon as I get to them.


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