Summer Blockbusters: My Top 5 Most Anticipated

It’s that time of the year again. Last year, Super 8 didn’t even make my top 5 most anticipated list, yet it stormed out of the gates with its sheer sense of wonder and managed to beat out the likes of Thor and X-Men First Class as my favorite film of the summer.

As mid-April rolls around, I always make a list of my 5 most anticipated summer films. Will another Super 8-like movie steal their thunder? Or will number 1 on this list also be number 1 in my heart at the end of the season?

This is just a quick list, since I’ve gotten a few tweets asking my opinion, but I plan on writing about these films individually over the next few weeks.

So… starting with number 5:

5. The Avengers

After the early, almost out of nowhere success of Iron Man, I had high hopes for Marvel Studio’s forthcoming output, especially with the rumors that all their films would culminate in The Avengers. Sadly, with the middling quality of Thor and Captain America, and the utter disappointment that was Iron Man 2, I saw my faith in Marvel dip lower and lower.

And then… Joss Whedon. Bam. With Browncoat firmly in hand, I’m back on board with this film. The trailers worry me a bit that we may be in for another Transformers (all spectacle, no heart), but, hey, in Joss we trust.

4. Brave

With the exception of the Cars franchise, I absolutely adored almost every bit of cinema that has come from Pixar. With trailers that promise high adventure, comedy, and Pixar’s magic touch, Brave could not come soon enough for me.

3. The Amazing Spider-Man

I grew up loving the adventures of Spider-Man. Sure, I was always more of a DC guy, but Spider-Man and the X-Men have always been my go-to Marvel properties. That said, I was disappointed with Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man films, as I find their tone uneven, their writing unconvincing, and their leads bland as you could find in any superhero film.

Which is why I perked up at the idea of a reboot. I like the Spider-Man character, and I feel that he deserves to be treated the way the Donner films treated Superman and the Nolan films treated Batman. Having Marc Webb, director of500 Days of Summer, at the helm should help as I feel like the Spider-Man comics have always been most interesting when they were about the relationships.

The kicker, for me, is that Gwen Stacy is front and center. She’s always been my preferred spider-girlfriend (my favorite spidey comic is Spider-Man: Blue), and having Emma Stone play her is a stroke of genius.

2. Prometheus

Ridley Scott. Alien. Prequel.

‘Nuff said.

I have literally been waiting for this, or anything like it, since David Fincher shat all over the franchise in Alien 3. Plus, with the archaeological elements integrated into it, I’m looking forward to having a bit more sense of wonder and discovery in my blockbuster sci-fi films.

1. The Dark Knight Rises

When Inception and Batman Begins are your worst movies, than clearly you are a fantastic director. Give a director like that the keys to one of the greatest characters ever created, arm him with the most star-studded and talented cast of the summer, and throw an ungodly amount of cash at him, and there is pressure like no other to create a film that will just blow away the field like Lord of the Rings did a decade ago.

But if anyone can do it, it’s Christopher Nolan. The Dark Knight had its problems, no summer movie is perfect, but it was still the best comic book movie since The Road to Perdition. And I think it stands as one of the best choices, if not the best choice, of the comic book industry to flaunt in their critics faces and say: “Yes. It IS possible to make great, serious films based on superheroes.” The Dark Knight is not just a great film “for a superhero movie”, it is one of the best films of the decade. Period.

I cannot wait to see how it all ends.


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